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Here you’ll find all the things that the Nation Builders are currently working on, information about our progress, deadlines, and how you can get involved in helping us – Don’t hesitate to reach out if you want to get to work with the Nation Builders.

Top Task, Deadline: APRIl 12, 2020

International Day of Human Space Flight

Overview: To celebrate the Day of International Human Space Flight, Nation Builders want to capture the spirit of exploration and sense of adventure by challenging people to capture ‘space’ here on earth.

We might not be able to go to space ourselves just yet – but as these brave men and women pave the way for us, it’s easy to imagine what wonders might be out there – Alien jungles, unnamed nebulas, vast deserts – the list goes on.

The challenge for the community will be to capture a photograph that makes us think about what magic scenes are out there waiting to be discovered by the next generation of space fliers.

See the landing page

Tasks for Nation Builders

  • Take a picture of your own for the contest. 
  • Help share the contest on Social Media
  • Jude the entries to the contest and help pick the winners!


Coming Soon

Nation Builders is still in its fledgeling stages, but you can expect to see some more events popping up on this page very soon. So keep your eyes peeled.


Coming Soon

Nation Builders is still in its fledgeling stages, but you can expect to see some more events popping up on this page very soon. So keep your eyes peeled.

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Digital Network

Nation Builders is a decentralised network of people from all over the world – as such as focus most of our effort into online communications. You can connect with us across the web on the following channels. 

VOICE & CHAT – Discord

NEWS & exclusive content – Patreon

general networking – Facebook

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Download COVID-19 Best Practice Health Tips

COVID-19 Is affecting people all over the world – Asgardia is a global community and we here at the Nation Builders have produced an infographic for you to download with some top health tips.

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