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What is Nation Builders?

Nation Builders is an online community of space enthusiasts that want to contribute towards the future of humanity. 

Can I join the crew?

Nation Builders has just launched and we’re sorting out a few things before we open the flood-gates. We’re expecting that people will be able to join the crew from the week commencing the 16th of March

What do Nation Builders do?

Nation Builders get involved in a wide range of events aimed at raising the profile of the idea of space habitation and generally working to create the sort of society that we’d like to be a part of. 

What is Asgardia?

Asgardia is the first ‘Space Nation’ in human history – most members of the Nation Builders are, themselves, Asgardians that have come together to get to work and help make that vision a reality. 

You can learn more about Asgardia here

Where to find Nation Builders

If you’re wondering where you can find Nation Builders, look no further. We’re a community of people form all over the world, so we congregate in the digital space to be as inclusive and accessible as possible.

VOICE & CHAT – Discord

NEWS & exclusive content – Patreon

general networking – Facebook

Most Recent Announcement from Nation Builders

Nation Builders Officially Launches

It’s the 1st of March 2020 and I’m pleased to announce the official launch of the Nation Builders organisation. 

The Nation Builders will focus on giving the ‘average person’ a way to contribute directly to the next step of humanities journey into the stars. We aim to form a strong identity as a group of people that will uphold the best values that people are capable of; Compassion, curioscity and creativity. 

While the majority of us won’t be rocket scientists, billionaires or highly decorated people – this doesn’t mean that we’re any less devoted or passionate about the habitation and exploration of space. 

So I hope that you’ll join me in this adventure as we seek to leave our mark on history. 

Key Communications & Announcements

Here you’ll find all of our key communications, helpfully seperated out from the noise of all our other wonderful content. Look here to find things like our new goals, achievements and transparency posts to keep yourself upto date with the most important information.

Founding Day 2020 – Virtual Celebration

Founding Day Virtual Birthday Celebrations!   Join us to party and help make HistoryThe join links for the VR party are now available. Click on one of the links below! JOIN THE PARTY IN VR WATCH THE LIVESTREAM DOWNLOAD ALTSPACEVRHow to join the partyFounding day...

An open letter to the Head of Nation on his birthday.

An open letter to the Head of Nation on his birthday.  Author: Ross CheeserightDate: 01-SCO-0004 | 09-SEP-2020Tags: Asgardia, Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli Asgardia's founder and chief visionary, Dr Igor Ashurbeyli celebrates and birthday and we share our warm wishes. Dear...

Nation Builders Gets Sponsorship Agreement

Nation Builders Gets A Sponsor  Author: Ross CheeserightDate: 2020-04-17 | 0004-IV-24Tags: Nation Builders, Rogue Energy, Sponsorship Deal Nation Builders recently signed a sponsorship deal with Rogue Energy - The tastiest energy drink on the market.  Nation...

Open Letter to Asgardia’s Parliament regarding Decrees 41 & 42

An open letter to Parliament Questions to: Ross(at)NationBuilders[dot]SpaceLegislative ProgressWe at Nation Builders are very happy to see the progress that Asgardia is making towards legislating. With the introduction of the  Citizens' Rights Act and the Civil...

Space On Earth Contest Winners

Space On Earth Contest Results  Author: Ross CheeserightDate: 2020-04-10 | 0004-IV-19Tags: Contest, Celebration, Space To mark the International Day of Human Space flight, Nation Builders held a contest to capture the imagination of what possible future missions...

Nation Builders Progress Update April 09, 2020

Nation Builders Progress Update April 09, 2020  Author: Ross CheeserightDate: 2020-04-10 | 0004-IV-17Tags: Nation Builders, Update, Virtual Reality Nation Builders had our weekly update where we discussed our progress and what our next steps are. You can read the...

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